Saturday, November 20, 2010

Wholesale Apparel Target Bulk Liquidation Overstocks Pallets

Target Store's surplus apparel is a great way to make some extra money. I recently purchased six pallets from Target's liquidation bulk overstock inventory. Their were about four hundred pieces of wholesale apparel on each pallet.I paid Two Thousand six hundred dollars for the wholesale clothing truckload.
I sold the pallets to three different customers. I charged seven hundred fifty per wholesale clothing pallet. This small truckload of overstock clothing was a nice boost to a slow month of liquidating

Monday, June 28, 2010

Target Truckload of Overstocks of Small Kitchen Electrics

I just finished a Truckload of Target overstock merchandise. This overstock truckload had seven pallets on it. The overstock pallets were small kitchen electrics. Blenders, toasters, Kitchen aid stand mixers, sets of cutlery, food processors and seal-a-meal machines.
I paid three thousand five hundred dollars for the Target liquidation truckload. I sold the pallets for six hundred a pallet. I made a profit of two thousand seven hundred fifty dollars. I sold all the pallets in three days.

Monday, June 14, 2010

surplus apparel from Target department store

I recently purchased a truckload of Men's,woman's and children's apparel from Target department store. The truckload of of clothing had 13 pallets. The condition of the surplus merchandise was close-outs and overstocks. The variety of styles and sizes was good. It contained about 80% national brands.
I sold the pallets of surplus closeouts and overstocks to four different buyers in five days. I paid $9,750 for their 13 pallets of surplus overstock and close-out apparel. I sold the pallets for a total of $13,700. All most a four thousand dollar profit. With surplus clothing I try to sell the merchandise fast. Too many things can go wrong with clothing.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

WalMart Surplus Liquidation Heaters Excess Inventory 12 Pallet Truckload

I purchased a truckload of surplus liquidation heaters. The surplus heaters were from Wal-Mart's liquidation inventory. Their were twelve pallets of surplus merchandise on this truckload. The condition of the pallets of heaters was surplus overstock. Some of the heaters had damaged boxes and small dings.
I paid three thousand six hundred for the twelve pallets of heaters. I sold the pallets of heaters to four different customers. I charged five hundred dollars for each pallet of surplus liquidation heaters. I sold all the pallets in four days. This made for a two thousand four hundred dollar profit. Wal-Marts surplus Liquidation is a good investment. Just be careful of customer returns.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Surplus Liquidator BUYS pallets of Excess Inventory from Sears

Recently i bought a wholesale lot of surplus merchandise from Sears. The sears liquidation merchandise was customer returns and overstock. The overstock surplus merchandise was much better condition than the customer returns. Many of the returns had parts missing.
I paid only fifteen percent of the wholesale costs for the surplus liquidation merchandise. I made a good profit on the wholesale liquidation lot from sears excess inventory. It takes a lot of work to sort through the items. The profit is woth the time it takes to get the better items ready for sale.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Surplus Bulk Items from Kohl's Liquidation Surplus Customer Returns sufficient Profits

This guy bought a nice truckload of Kohl's liquidation inventory.This story is a good liquidation practicesurplus wholesale: Surplus Bulk Items from Kohl's Pallets of Gold
Kohls liquidation inventory has very clean customer returns. The closeouts and overstocks are of desired merchandise by the general public. When purchaseing surplus liquidation pallets or truckloads from Kohl's Department stores inventories you can be assured a nice profit if you buy at the right percentage.

Friday, May 16, 2008

wholesale truckloads of Overstock Nike and Closeout Addidas Athletic shoes

Just finished selling a truckload of surplus liquidation overstock Nike and closeout Addidas athletic shoes. I purchased the truckload of overstock Nike and Addidas shoes April 28th. There were sixteen pallets of Nike and closeout Addidas athletic shoes on the truckload. Each pallet had one hundred pairs of athletic shoes. I paid $12,800 for the entire truckload od shoes.
I sold the nike pallets to a customer from Mexico. Their were ten pallets of overstock nike shoes in the truckload. I charged him $22 per pair. The total for the ten pallets of overstock Nike shoes was $22,000.
The six pallets of closeout Addidas shoes I sold to a customer in San Diego,Ca. .
I charged him $20 per pair of closeout addidas athletic shoes. The total price for six pallets of closeout addidas shoes was $12,000.
The total sales for the truckload of 16 pallets of athletic shoes was $34,000 - $12,800 =$21,200

Friday, April 25, 2008

Liquidation Cosmetics;Cover Girl Revlon $$$

A surplus and Salvage dealer that I know reminded about a category of surplus merchandise that I have not purchased in a while. Overstock, close-out and shelf pull surplus cosmetics. Men tend to over look this high profit margin surplus liquidation product line. I purchased six pallets of Macy's shelf-pull Revlon and Cover Girl cosmetics. I paid $3,200 for the pallets of wholesale cosmetics. I have six customers that bought the surplus cosmetics. I sold it by the box. About 2oo pieces per box. 30 boxes per pallet. I charged $150 per box.120 boxes total. These crazy women were fighting over these boxes of cosmetics. I sold all 120 boxes of Cover Girl and Revlon surplus shelf pulls cosmetics in two hours.
Here is a related story:
Surplus Bulk Items from Kohl's

Thursday, April 17, 2008

overstocks truckloads of surplus liquidation from sears ,Best Buy and Target: Bulk surplus Wholesale Liquidation pallets of electronics from Circuit City

overstocks truckloads of surplus liquidation from sears ,Best Buy and Target: Bulk surplus Wholesale Liquidation pallets of electronics from Circuit City
This article is about the great opportunity for a liquidator to make money on closeout and discontinued consumer electronics.

WalMart Salvage Electronics Pallets

surplus: Bulk goods from wal-mart Surplus Salvage Electronics Pallets
salvage electronics from Wal-MART are expensive . If you can double your money in a month on this liquidation merchandise IT IS WORTH THE COST

Bulk goods from wal-mart Surplus Salvage Electronics Pallets

Wal-mart bulk surplus electronics pallets have been my product of choice. The last four months i have purchased thirty-six pallets of wal-mart surplus electronics. The average cost per pallet of this liquidation merchandise is eleven hundred dollars. I sell eighty percent of the wal-mart surplus electronics on Ebay and liquidation .com. I allways double my money on these surplus electronics pallets. Each truckload is about seven to ten pallets. The truckloads of surplus electronics take about 20 to 30 days to sell.
It takes some work to sell this merchandise at auction . You have to ship it.But the profit is well worth the work that has to be done.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Wholesale Liquidation Network For Truckloads: surplus pallets of general merchandise

Wholesale Liquidation Network For Truckloads: surplus pallets of general merchandise
General merchandise truckloads of surplus liquidation merchandise is the theme of this article. General merchandise pallets and truckloads of closeouts and overstocks are great for flea market vendors. The variety in a general merchandise truckloads is good. Haveing a large variety of merchandise is essential for a successful days of selling at the swapmeet.

Wholesale Liquidation Network For Truckloads: Wholesale distribution of surplus apparel

Wholesale Liquidation Network For Truckloads: Wholesale distribution of surplus apparel

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Surplus overstocks and closeouts of consumer electronics by the truckload

Surplus overstocks and closeouts of electronics from Sears make me money. Last month I purchased A 35 pallet truckload of surplus electronics from sears. The surplus electronics pallets were a mixture of close-out electronics adn overstocked electronics. Only one pallet of returned merchandise was in this surplus electronics truckload.
When the truckload of surplus sears liquidation electronics arrived at my warehouse I was sleeping. It was 2:00 A.M.. I Had left a messege for the driver to deliver at any time day or nite. Phone rings.I knew it was my truckload of surplus sears electronics. I drove over to the wherehouse. We broke the seal on the truckload of overstock and close-out electronics.
This truckload of surplus electronics had everything. Liquidation Pallets of digital Cameras, camera and photo printer bundles, car audio pallets,G.P.S. systems,cell phones,M.P.3 and 4 players,8 pallets of L.C.D. televisions and 4 pallets of surplus gaming systems (xbox 360,play station 3,Game cube).
A surplus truckload of sears liquidation electronics is worth a 2:00 A.M. wake-up call.
In three weeks I finished the last 2 pallets of liquidation electronics. . I paid $34,000 for the truckload of surplus sears electronics. My total sales for the thirty-five pallets of close-out electronics was $67,000. That is close to double my investment in three weeks. All Cash no credit. It was possible to make much more profit on a truckload of surplus electronics. I sold the electronics to six customers. Cash only eliminated the risk.
The last three weeks made me a very Happy Pallet

Sunday, February 24, 2008

surplus liquidator I will be

Surplus liquidator is my new title. I have transformed my self from a Happy Pallet to a surplus liquidator. Maybe I should sayt Mr. surplus liquidator. I nam still just plain ol happy pallet